Contact Lenses for Halloween!

Once the exclusive domain of Hollywood special effects, contact lenses for Halloween with their creative designs are now available to the public from various eyewear suppliers.

When these contact lenses for Halloween first became available, they usually were offered only in "plano" (that is, non-corrective) versions leaving those who normally wear contact lenses choosing between either wearing their glasses with their costume or forgoing the lenses altogether (or going with the lenses and just suffering without corrected vision while they wore them!).

However, suppliers are coming around. More and more, you can find corrective versions of these contact lenses for Halloween. So now everyone can now enjoy the fantastic effects provided by these fun contact lenses.

Since contact lenses go directly on the eye, I would only trust getting Halloween contact lenses from a reputable eyewear company that also deals in regular lenses.

"Full sclera" versions of these Halloween contact lenses are even available now which cover not only the round, colored portion of your eye, but also the white part all the way out to the edges too. This makes for a really freaky effect! Here's an example...

Most Popular
Halloween Contact Lenses

Special contact lenses for Halloween have grown increasingly popular over the past few years with no sign of letting up!

Halloween Contact Lenses
Inspired by the Movies!

From demons to angels to every in-between, there's a contact lens specially suited to enhance your Halloween outfit!

Novelty Halloween Contact Lenses

In addition to scary contact lenses, manufacturers are also making novelty lenses that can be perfect for any costume. For example, if you're going to a 70's or 80's party and want a "retro" look, these smileys would be ideal...

Or, let's say you want to go as a rock-n-roll star. When they try to tell you that "you've got stars in your eyes", they'll be absolutely right if you're wearing these crazy contact lenses!

Contact Lenses for Halloween
- Tips -

Have fun but be careful...

Unlike other elements of costuming, special effect contact lenses are the one component you don't want to take lightly. While we might want to trade costumes with someone, never wear someone else's contact lenses nor allow them to borrow yours. Doing so invites eye infection and I have heard of this happening.

Also, if you don't normally wear prescription contact lenses, please use decorative contact lenses only after having seen an eye care professional for proper lens fitting and you've been instructed on proper care and use of contact lenses. Many people are trying out these lenses without knowing how to properly use and care for contact lenses.

As a result, they are experiencing eye infections and other problems from various misuse (examples: wrong lens dimensions for their eyes, wearing the lenses too long, insufficient cleaning/disinfecting of the lenses, etc).

So, while contact lenses for Halloween are a fun and exciting component to enhance your costume, remember the golden rules of these contact lenses for Halloween:

1) Buy your contact Halloween lenses from a reputable eyewear dealer.

2) If you are new to wearing contact lenses, be sure to first get a proper fitting and instruction from your local eye care practitioner. Then, you'll have the right information in hand to order properly fitting lenses and use them safely.

3) Keep your lenses for yourself. Never trade, loan or borrow contact lenses.

4) Have fun!

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