Halloween Props!

Here you'll find some of the scariest, most terrifying Halloween props on the planet to place in your haunted house attraction. While some are "budget" props suitable for your home haunt, many are professional haunted houses.

So, okay, let's get our ghoul on and take a look at the most frightacular selection selection of scary props ever...

Click below to open a new window with our complete Halloween props catalog (it's large so please allow a minute or two for it to completely load - it's worth it! ;-)

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Animated Halloween Props

Looking for animated Halloween props? This is the place! Whether for your home haunt or professional haunted house, animated Halloween props always steal the show! These are the real attention-getters!

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Haunted Props

When selecting haunted props for your haunted house, you'll want to think about your haunt's theme and choose accordingly. Does your haunt's theme involve scary clowns? Maybe it's based around the popular horror movies like Halloween, Friday the 13th, etc. Or maybe it's more of a classic style haunt featuring things that go bump in the night. Either way, deciding this important facgtoe beforehand will go a long way to making your haunt interesting and thematically whole rather than being just a disjointed assortment of props!

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