Scary Computer Prank Fun!

A computer prank can be a clever way to scare someone out of their wits! But I don't advise using the ones that require you to download software that must be installed and run on your or anyone else's computer.

There's too much spyware and malware going around these days. Even if it is "clean" of such things, once done with the prank there's the issue of being sure it is properly removed, etc.

Save yourself the worries and hassle while still enjoying all the fun by using an online computer prank like the ones below.

And before you leave, be sure to visit the Email Pranks section (see link below) as well as the Scary Pranks page where you'll find the new Scary Greetings ecard flash prank.

Here's some other online computer pranks that are harmless yet, depending on your "victim", may be quite horrific...

If you know someone who isn't too computer savvy, they may fall for this one. It gives the impression their PC has become unstable and is about to crash!

>> Mouse Error Prank <<

I also like this which was suggested by David Jarrett of Gassaway, WV...

You just send your "victim" to an online game site, but once they click the start button, they'll wish they hadn't as it appears that their entire hard drive is being deleted right before their eyes! It lets them off the hook quickly though with a "just kidding" message.

A good subject line for this one is something like: "Wow! Check out this new's addictive!".

James Prince submits this scary computer prank idea:

You guys should make a program where let's say I'm on the computer and I activate a POP-UP PRANK program! Then, I go to another program and do normal stuff! But...there is a timed pop up!!! So, I tell a friend to look at something or help me with something and, while they're on the computer, a pop-up comes on the screen!! Make it something like an add a free weather gauge on your pc or something like that! NO MATTER WHAT THEY CLICK, YES, NO, OR TRY TO X IT OUT, HAVE A REALLY SCARY FACE JUST POP UP AND SCREAM AT THEM!!!!

I love it James! I'll see if I can get around to making some of these great flash pranks that you guys are submitting before too long...unfortunately I am limited to working on this site in my spare time and there's just so many hours in the day you know. :-)

Also James, you can achieve a very similar effect by going to the Scary Email Pranks page (link below), clicking on the "Dexterity Test" link and do the maze yourself through Rounds 1 & 2. Then, as soon as Round 3 comes on the screen, you say to your friend or co-worker: "Hey, can you help me make it through this maze? I've tried it a hundred times and just can't do it!" Naturally, they will want to see if they can do what you couldn't, so just let them have your seat as they take their stab at it. Then enjoy the fun when the get to the end of the maze! ;-)

By the way, if you found this computer prank page while actually looking for the "jump out at you" type scary email pranks, stay put because you're in the right place! The page you are looking for is right here...

>> Scary Email Pranks <<

Scary Screen Savers

There's nothing like a good screensaver/desktop background computer prank using the ol' PC! One that I've found to be very effective is a "phobia-based" tactic. Here's an example of one I pulled on a co-worker recently…

I knew from past experience that my co-worker friend has this major phobia about the Michael Myers character from the Halloween movie series. Any other horror movie character doesn't bother her. But...when she sees Michael Myers in that mask…wow, does she ever freak out! She even has to leave the room until he's "gone"!

So, here's how I put that little bit of knowledge to use…

In a graphics program, I simply took a picture of Michael Myers wielding his knife and added one of those text balloons so that he could give a very special, "personalized greeting" to my co-worker through her own monitor! ;-)

The next day, I simply waited until she left for lunch. While she was out of the office, I selected that picture (enlarged to full-size) to be the desktop background on her PC. Turning off the monitor, all I had to do was wait until she returned and turned it on again.

Trust me, it was far more effective than I had ever dreamed! She totally freaked out, leaving the room and refusing to go back to her desk until I switched the screen back. I wish I had videotaped her reaction! (Maybe in the future...hmmmmm.)

After she settled down and got her wits about her again, it was clear she had gotten a real kick out of it.

This can work great with any kind of phobia…spiders, snakes, whatever it is that you know makes your victim scared out of their wits! (It does require a true phobia of some type though. It won't have the same effect on someone who "just doesn't care for" whatever it is you're using to try to scare them.)

I recently found a spider screensaver that can be set for a 1 minute delay before it comes on with a moving spider that crawls around the screen (sort of like the fly effect in The Ring). This would work well with spider phobias, but alas, the screensaver seems to have a "bug" in it (oh, how punny!) and so it didn't work for me. If it had, I'm still not sure I'd recommend it though as it does require saving software to your PC from an unknown source which is, in itself, always a rather scary proposition!

By the way, if you're looking for the "jump out at you" type scary email pranks, you're in the right place. The page you are looking for is right here...

<< Scary Email Pranks <<

Share your scary stuff...

Got any great scary pranks you've used on someone or someone used on you? Maybe you've seen a great horror movie or read a great scary story or book you'd like to tell us about? Or perhaps you've had the frightful opportunity to actually visit a scary place or "haunted" Halloween attraction and want to share your experience?

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