Halloween Costume Ideas!

This page is to help you brainstorm as you decide your Halloween costume this year...

Halloween rocks! I mean what other time can we dress up to portray various fantasy roles with a legitimate reason (Halloween) and not have our neighbors think we're eccentric (okay, okay, so perhaps they'd think I'm eccentric anyway--I'm down with that...after all, who wants to be "average", right?). ;-)

Sometimes we want to play the role of someone we admire, such as the little girl who wants to be Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. Or, the little boy who wants to be the heroic Luke Skyywalker or an intimidating Stormtrooper (which was my favorite costume as a kid. Oh, man do I ever wish I had saved that original 1977 Star Wars Stormtrooper Laser Rifle that I had as part of my Stormtrooper costume!! :( But that's another story...)

In other cases, we want to play the role of something fearsome with the hopes that we can scare others with it. Naturally this leads some choosing to dress up as a vampire, demon, or other character that strikes fear in the hearts of men!

Whatever your age, there's no end to the great Halloween and theatrical costumes from which you can choose. Here's some cool Halloween costume ideas to help you start brainstorming on how you can make it your best Halloween ever!

Halloween Costumes for Kids

Of course, with the passing of Gene Wilder, costumes of Willy Wonka, Oompah Loompahs, and any of the other other characters are sure to be wildly popular this Halloween season.

Jack Sparrow is also still popular...
Jack Sparrow Child Costume

Willy Wonka, Oompah Loompahs, and pirates are cool, but let's now focus our attention on the scarier Halloween costumes!...

Halloween Costumes for
Teenagers & Adults

Here's some new scary Halloween costumes that caught my eye....

Of course, Michael Jackson's Thriller Zombie will always be popular! Get the complete outfit with the Thriller jacket, Thriller pants and Thriller Wig and then do the custom contacts, fangs, etc and practice doing "The Zombie" and you'll be the thriller at any Halloween party...guaranteed.

Scary Clown Costumes

Some people have major scary clown phobias going on and these just Halloween costumes might do the trick to scare 'em out of their wits! >>Scary Clown Costumes

Vampires, Demons, Werewolves, Monsters & other Scary Creatures

Vampire Costumes

Demon Costumes

Werewolf Costumes

Though part human, part machine, I consider this guy to be one scary creature! The most realistic version I've ever seen in a Halloween costume! If you're a Star Wars fan, you've got to see this Supreme Edition Darth Vader Costume !

Horror Movie/TV Theme
Halloween Costumes

If your a Night of the Living Dead fan or just a fan of zombies in general, this one is a pretty good effect! Check it out: Zombie Halloween Costume.

Friday the 13th fans might like this great Super Deluxe Jason Mask with reveal!

Freddy's back again! And this time, freakier than ever! Have you seen the new "creature reacher" style Halloween costumes? These over-sized costumes are eye-catching and when mixed with freaky Freddy, it's a frightacular combination sure to give a Nightmare on Elmstreet or any street for that matter! Check it out...

Freddy Creature Reacher

Who can forget the characters in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?! Of course, the most memorable one for most is Leatherface. Now you can scare some people out of their wits with this Leatherface Costume and matching Leatherface Chainsaw

Calling all would-be werewolves! This has got to be one of the best complete werewolf Halloween costumes around. They've got not only the ferocious looking full head hairy mask Werewolf Costume ), but also offer hairy werewolf hands to give it the finishing touch!

What list of horror movie character Halloween costumes would be complete without mentioning good ol' Dr. Frankenstein's monster? If you're tastes run more along the lines of classic horror, this Frankenstein Mask is a faithful recreation of the one we all know and love. And don't forget the Frankenstein hands!

And for the the ladies, here's a great Bride of Frankenstein Wig and Bride of Frankenstein costume.

Fan's of The Addam's Family may be interested in these Halloween costumes...

Morticia Addams Costume

For fans of The Munsters, check out this Munster costume page.

Sleepy Hollow fans will like this one. Poor Ichabod Crane! I always wondered...was it really just Brom Bones wearing this getup on that fateful night?

Headless Horseman Costume>

If you liked "Interview With The Vampire", you're going to love this Gothic Vampire Costume for the guys and this Vampiress Costume for the gals! Simply the most impressive vampire costumes I've ever seen.

And ladies...here's one especially for you! If you think you've got what it takes to play horror TV's "Hostess with the Mostess", check out this Elvira Mistress of the Dark Costume!

And hey, if you get a photo of yourself in one of these Halloween costumes and want to share it with the world, submit it to me using the form at the Halloween Pictures page!

I'm ready for a costume Halloween! Show me more Halloween Ideas!

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