Have Fun Scaring Your
Friends (& Enemies?),
Co-Workers & Boss with
Really Scary Email Pranks!

Email pranks are easy to do and, while some are better than others, many do a great job at scaring people out of their wits!

Be sure to keep checking here and the Scary Pranks main page! for new pranks!

Here's a good observation test! See if they can Find Waldo!

This one is great email prank for someone you have a close relationship with, especially around Valentine's Day! Is your "victim" a fan of The Exorcist? Great, even better! ;-)

Love U Message (opens new window)

Again, just copy and paste the link into an email to your "target" with a short subject line. This email prank begins as an "I Love You" type of message so think of a suitable subject line to go with it as this helps catch people off-guard. For example, try this for a subject line: "Thinking of you..." ;-)

This email prank should bring you good results:

What doesn't belong in this picture? (opens new window)

Again, it's best not to say much in email pranks except for a carefully worded subject line. Of course, never direct them to "Turn Up Your Speaker Volume". It can be a dead-giveaway to anyone who previously experienced scary email pranks. My suggestion is to use a subject line like this: "What doesn't belong in this picture? (I found it!! :-) –[your name])"

This email prank didn't seem to have any audio and is not as startling as the others, but still a bit fun and eerie…

What doesn't belong in this mystery room? (opens new window)

Copy and paste the link into an email and follow the same guidelines outlined in the email pranks above for choosing a suitable subject line.

I'm including this next one not because the "punch line" is scary (it's not--it's funny), but because the setup is scary. For many people, the thought of having their driver's license available to anyone online is enough to scare them out of their wits when nothing else will! So, if nothing else works on your "victim", send them this link (opens new window) by right-clicking on it, then selecting "copy" and then "paste" it into an email with a brief note along these lines: "Unreal!! No wonder identity theft is such a problem!!"

Share your scary stuff...

Got any great scary pranks you've used on someone or someone used on you? Maybe you've seen a great horror movie or read a great scary story or book you'd like to tell us about? Or perhaps you've had the frightful opportunity to actually visit a scary place or "haunted" Halloween attraction and want to share your experience?

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