Scary Gag Pranks!

Have Fun Scaring Friends, (Enemies?), Co-Workers (& Boss?)
with Scary Gag Pranks!

Alright, so you just want to have a little fun with gags that are fairly inexpensive, simple, yet can effectively scare 'em out of their wits?

Here are a few of my favorite gag pranks (click the pics for more info. on them)...

Creepy Gags

I ran across these horrific puppets the other day that are suffering from a major case of the uglies. Not only are they disgusting to look at, they're also rigged with levers that let you control their reaching arms...perfect for reaching out at your "victim" as they turn a dimly lit hallway corner!

Here's another idea...hang one of these in someone's clothes closet just behind the door and see/hear how they react to their new lil' buddy! ;-)

Shock Gags

shocking computer mouse

The Shocking Computer Mouse

Got a co-worker who is always on break, chatting around in other departments and leaving you to pick up their slack? When your unsuspecting co-worker is away from their desk, you simply replace their mouse with this gimmicked version.

When they come back to their desk and click the mouse buttons...ZAP!! That'll teach 'em to leave you with all the workload! They'll surely think twice before leaving their desk for any "non-essentials" anymore. ;-)

shocking pen

The Shocking Pen

One of the best gag pranks to scare them out of their wits (great at school too)! Does someone always want to borrow your pens and is very bad about giving them back? Next time, hand them the gimmicked pen. When they "click" the top, they'll get ZAPPED! After this, don't be surprised if they start being careful to bring their own pens!

And who can forget the classic "Joy Buzzer" shock gag? :-)

Shocking Calculator

The Shocking Calculator

Similar to the pen gag, this is perfect for those always borrowing your calculator and moving it somewhere. Next time, pass them this tricked version. It's sure to calculate a good ZAP for them every time!

The Shocking Cigarette Pack

Help your smoker friends kick the habit! Offer them a cigarette from what looks like a real cigarette pack. When they grab it, press a button to give them a scary shock! One of my favorite gag pranks because not only is it harmless fun, but you'll even feel good about doing your part to clean up the air! :-)

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