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Greetings, ghoulish guests and welcome to my site blog! On this page you'll find links to the most recently updated pages on my site, as well as any special "bloglets" I add only on this page that may be of interest to you.

What's a bloglet, you ask? It's like a diary entry where I share either a scary site I ran across, a scary movie I just watched, a scary place I just visited or...well, you get the idea.

Scary Fun! Get Your Halloween Kicks at Scared Out of Your Wits!

Scary Halloween Fun!

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Stranger Things Shirts

Fan of Stranger Things? You'll love this freaky selection of Stranger Things t-shirts!

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New Halloween Shirts for 2017!

Spooktacular collection of new Halloween shirts for 2017! Order quickly before they sell out!

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Halloween Shirts

Halloween shirts that will put you in the spirit of things for Halloween 2017

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Halloween Scare Cams! Watch People Get Scared Out of Their Wits on Webcams!

Halloween Scare Cams! Watch Live Webcams of People Getting Spooked In Haunted Attractions! Get Your Kicks at Scared-Out-of-Your-Wits!

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Horror Art Showcase

The Horror Art Showcase features the best spooky & Halloween themed artwork. You won't believe your eyes!

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Halloween Props

Scariest Halloween props on the planet! Our highest recommendations for your professional Halloween haunted house or haunted attraction!

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Haunted Props

A terrifying list of recommended haunted props for your haunted attraction!

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Haunted House Props

A frightacular selection of world-class haunted house props for your haunted attraction!

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Halloween Makeup! Become Your Favorite Monster or Character WIth This Guide!

Halloween Makeup - Tips, techniques and sources for creating awesome makeup effects!

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Halloween History

There are those among us who insist that Halloween is an evil holiday, stuffed with death imagery and anti-Christian motifs. Well, guess what? We did some research, and found Halloween history....

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Ghost Pirate

Doomed to eternally wander the seas as punishment for his wicked ways, a ghost pirate captain pilots his ghostly craft through yet another fiercely blowing monsoon.

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Favorite Halloween Candy

What's your favorite Halloween candy?

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Best Horror Movies

Best horror movies online! See what's coming up for fright fans!

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Animated Halloween Props

Check out these animated Halloween props sure to scare 'em out of their wits!

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New Paranormal Shop!

Come check out the new Curiosity Shop! Whether your interest is in illusions that will make you appear to have paranormal powers, reading spooky tales to read at night or share by the campfire, or watching DVDs on the paranormal and spooky destinations, or a great deal on adding a classic fright flick to your collection, this is the place!

Best of all, many of the items are setup with TrialPay so you can get them FREE just for trying other offers you're interested in anyway. So why not get something spooky and fun FREE along with it, right?

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New Scary Email Prank For Halloween 2010!

** Yet another brand spanking new scary prank for Halloween 2010!! **

Oh man, here's another one I think you're really going to want to share with everyone you know! Muahahaha!! Check it out here: Cool Card Trick. I suggest either just forwarding it all nonchalantly with no commentary or maybe with a little blurb like this: "I've always been a fan of magic so I'm always interested in learning cool card tricks that are straightforward yet get huge reactions. Well, this is the king of them all!! I've watched it over and over and still can't figure out how he does it, can you?"

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New Scary Prank Video For Halloween 2010!

Be sure to check out the new scary prank video that just hit the net! It's brand new for the Halloween 2010 season so you can still be first to send it to your friends and family, co-workers, etc. if you go send it right now!

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Tippi Hedren and other celebs at Spooky Empire's Screamfest Orlando Horror Convention

My "meet and greets" at the SpookyEmpire Convention in Orlando...

First, was Adrienne Barbeau. She was charming and accommodating - even letting me get my photo taken with her (free) after I missed the "official" (paid) photo session. She's down-to-earth and a beautiful lady. She definitely gets my vote for "Classiest Lady in Showbiz!"

Next was Linda Blair. I enjoyed hearing her story from the stage. She stressed we should all treat each other better which is certainly a good message. So you can imagine my disappointment when, during her fan photo sessions for which we paid $30 (and we stood in line an hour thereby missing other events since she...

[I'm only allowed to give my *opinion* here, not state any facts that could be viewed negatively, so...]

Let's just say it would have taken little effort to show the fans who waited all that time just some basic, garden variety courtesy. I was sad that I spent the money and time to get my pic taken with her. If that's "treating each other better", I'll pass.

And then there was Tippi Hedren. Again, it's really unfortunate I can only state my *opinion* here and not what happened, but that's the crazy legal system we have these days.

In my *opinion*, Ms. Hedren and her cohorts at her table had the worst attitudes I've ever encountered with anyone, celebrity or not, and that's saying a lot folks! Truly, it was an experience I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. I was like "Hello? Didn't you 3 travel here to meet fans and sell autographed pics?" Congrats on missing an easy sale and losing a fan.

In my opinion you, Miss Hedren, take the prize for "Absolute Worst Attitude in Showbiz"! Congrats!

Fortunately, my experience meeting Ms. Barbeau made up for a lot that day. :)

NetFlix & Your Halloween Horror Movie Marathon

If you're looking for a great way to get some titles to watch for your Halloween horror movie marathon, it's not too late to get a batch from NetFlix!

I love this service. It's easy to use and helps me find new scary titles I never knew about! Plus, each member is invited to provide a rating on the title once it's sent back in. This rating system is a great way to know whether a movie is worth watching or not.

Plus, there's no late fees! I love this aspect - I never have to worry about getting the video back to the local store by a set time anymore. I don't have to drive to town (which is a good thing since it's 20 miles). I just pick up my movies and drop 'em off in the mail!

If you haven't tried NetFlix yet, I highly recommend it. Trust me, once you do, you'll be hooked and never look back.

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Check out this Haunted Animal Hospital!

Hey gang, check out the world's FIRST Haunted Animal Hospital! Talk about an original concept! I love it!

Creep along into rooms of TERROR & TORTURE! Wander thru the EVIL CLOUDS of DARKNESS... And IF you DARE... Walk thru the wooded area that will be sure to SHOCK YOUR SOUL! * Pet Psychics / Pet Caricature Artists / Pet Photographers / Pet Vendors * On site Dog Wash & Low Cost Vaccination Clinic available * Creepy/Exotic Pets + More!On Site Professional Dog Wash & Low cost Vaccination Clinic Available!

Since 1962, Dr Edward A Garcia DVM has given out thousands of $$ to assistDenver's Homeless Pets, Senior Citizens & The Poverty Stricken. In 2008 he has affiliated with a Non-Profit Organization to continue his work-however, he is at risk of losing The North Metro Pet Hospital to rising costs & 2007 Property Tax.

Now is your chance to give back to Denver's Oldest & Best Pet Vet!

CALL 24/7 for more SCARY details!!! 303-433-8835

$10.00 donation for adults ~ kids and pets free!!! Please Donate online @

If any of you are going to be anywhere near Denver this Halloween season, please stop in and support this awesome event and cause! Or, if you have your own blog/website/Twitter or Facebook account, I hope you'll give them a mention there as well!

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Pirates of the Caribbean - The Black Pearl Ghost Ship!

If you're planning a pirates-themed Halloween, this ghost ship would make a great centerpiece!

Disney Pirates Of The Caribbean Collectible Black

Halloween Decoration Ideas!

Halloween Gifts and Collectibles

Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Village!

If you're a Nightmare Before Christmas fan, you'll definitely want to check out this Halloween village featuring Jack Skellington and friends in his spooky fantasy world...

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Villag

Scary Movie Halloween Village!

What better decor for your Halloween movie marathon than this Halloween village featuring all the creepy characters from the top horror movies!

Scary Movie Halloween Village Collection

That Cracks Me Up!

If you're on Twitter and enjoy a daily dose of laughs, follow @ThatCracksMeUp

Some great stuff!

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Halloween Props Catalog

Check out our Halloween Props Catalog for the ultimate in haunted house props to scare 'em out of their wits at your haunted attraction!

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Thanks to The Thriller

We lost you too soon, but you're still here.

Your melodies play on in our hearts and in our ears.

Thanks for the magical moves and the tunes were so "killer"

When it comes to entertainers, there'll never again be such a Thriller.

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Deadly Knights Bookends

A pair of deadly knights bookends to keep a close vigil over your favorite books, guarding them against any who dare to trespass.

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Skull with Steel Swords

Talk about a headache! Impressively realistic skull is pierced by two gleaming steel pirate swords. Hook on back for easy mounting above your treasure chest.

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Scary Skull Tankard

Great for Halloween! Hoist your grog aloft in this fiendishly fun scary skull tankard! The hearty skull-shaped cup is the perfect vessel to hold 15 oz. of your favorite beverage!

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Missing Paranormal Team

If you haven't heard about the missing Florida HAUNTS team yet, check it out!

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Randall Cooksey, the grand prize winner of our prize giveaway, has once again had his Zombie-O-Rama display featured in the news! This time on CNN!

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Haunted House Videos

Come check out the best haunted house video clips on the net!

Haunted House Videos features first-person walk-thrus, haunted house demos, haunted house commercials, haunted house reviews and even haunted house "how-to" videos! And of course, don't miss my personal favorite--the secret "spy-cam" haunted house videos where you peek in on others getting scared out of their wits! LoL!

Be sure to save the site to your favorite social bookmark so you can come back often for the latest Haunted House videos as Halloween approaches!

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Check out "Scary Ghost Videos" features the ultimate selection of scary ghost videos. Whether "real" or faked, they're always entertaining.

Be sure to save the site to your favorite social bookmark so you can check back soon and see what new scary ghost videos have been added!

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Scary Videos is Live! pulls in the best of the web's scary videos. Come check out the latest scary videos, including funny scary videos!

Be sure to save the site to your favorite social bookmark so you can find it quickly again to see the latest scary videos and share with your friends!

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Watch Scary Videos on ScareTube!

ScareTube is the place for scary videos! You've got to see these scary clips! Free!

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Scary Video Clips on ScareTube!

Watch a freaky selection of scary video clips on ScareTube!

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Scary Video Viewer

Select a scary video on the ScareTube!

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Scary Ghost Video ScareTube

Select a scary ghost video to watch on ScareTube!

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Scary Clip Showcase

Check out the Scary Clip Showcase!

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Screamfest Orlando 2007 Recap

Screamfest Orlando Recap: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

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Live Scare Cams Page Updated!

Hello dear fright fans, I'm pleased to announce that the haunted house live feeds page has just been updated for Halloween 2007! I've just watched all four of the live feeds and they are all working great! The first three have the best video but no sound unfortunately (probably set up that way). The fourth one, Bates Motel, has sound but pretty dark and hard to see as much but the audio helps make up for it! Check 'em out!!!

Sorry I've been out of pocket for awhile...been busy editing my horror flick. But will be adding more here as I can before Halloween so keep checking back!

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My New Horror Movie

Whew! Just wrapped up principal photography on my horror movie. :-) Now, on to editing, adding sound effects, pre-screening, etc.

Love it or hate it, you haven't seen anything like this one before. I'm confident of that! ;-)

If you prefer your scary movies to be more cerebral with build-up and "atmosphere" over the gore fare we've been seeing lately, you may just like this movie! If you enjoy supernatural horror like The Exorcist, The Omen, The Blair Witch Project, and Rosemary's Baby, you just might want to check this movie out when it premieres, so stay tuned!

To be among the first getting more info as it becomes available, be sure to sign up for my Fright Club ezine. That's the vehicle I'll be using to collect the emails of people interested in my upcoming spooky flick and keep them posted on the movie's progress.

And one lucky person who signs up after today's date (8/21/07) will win either a copy of the DVD or poster autographed by the cast (when they are released and sorry, no ETA as of yet...hey, I still have to get the footage edited after all. :-)

Find me on MySpace and be my friend! is on MySpace! Now connecting with even more fright fans, things can only get better. :-)

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Now on!

Please come check out my new lens at Squidoo! And while you're there, would you please take a second to rate it? Thanks!!

DanP.S. is coming to MySpace! Watch for it...

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Halloween Poems!

Halloween Poems to Scare You Out of Your Wits!

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New Horror Movie Trivia Site Launches!

Burt's Horror Movie Trivia Vault has been spun-off to it's own new site which has just launched!

Due to the high volume of questions, I was no longer able to keep up with all the formatting and posting involved in continually updating The Vault here manually as in the past.

But this is good news overall because the new site means faster posting of your questions, faster responses by your favorite horror movie fiend (Burt), AND... now you and other fright fans around the world can quickly chime in and help provide answers to questions too! Believe me, with the volume of questions, you're help is needed!

Plus, being on it's own domain will bring in even more visitors allowing for a greater chance someone will be familiar with your long lost horror movie. And there'll be even more people to discuss your favorite horror flicks!

So, come join the fun and register now at the new forum to get your own free account and check out all the cool features it offers (to see all of the news fader feature, you'll need Firefox's browser).

I'm even going to carry over the prize giveaway tradition to this new site too! To jump start things, I'll be giving a cool prize away to whomever helps answer the most questions between now and New Year's Day (not just random guesses, of course--some level of accuracy is required naturally).

So come check it all out now and bookmark the new site using the tags provided to your favorite social bookmarking sites so you'll always be able to find The Vault again quickly.

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Your Horror Movie Review Guide! A Directory of Horror & Halloween Movies!

Horror Movie Review & Halloween Movie Directory. Fright Factor Ratings by Horror Fans! Get Your Kicks at Scared-Out-of-Your-Wits! Submit A Review - Win Prizes!

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Screamfest Halloween Horror Convention 2006, Orlando Florida

Screamfest Horror Convention - Click Here First! Pics, Video, & More!

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