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Halloween Props

>> Halloween Props <<

Haunted House Props

>> Haunted House Props << 

Homemade Halloween Props

>> Homemade Halloween Props <<

Halloween Picture Gallery

A collection of photos submitted by Halloween fans.

>> Halloween Picture Gallery <<

Halloween Pranks

Here's a creepy collection of harrowing Halloween ideas relating to pranks and practical jokes. You might try these ideas "as is" or use them as inspiration, building upon these ideas to come up with something even better!

>> Halloween Pranks & Scare Tactics <<

Halloween Movies

The ultimate Halloween Movie directory! Here's a database of some of the best Halloween movies to scare you and your friends out of your wits! Includes box cover picture, production info, and reviews/scary moments submitted from other fright fans. Submit a review or scary moment (no spoilers, please) and be entered into the monthly prize drawing!

A spook-tacular selection of scary movies for that Horror Movie Marathon you and your friends are planning!

>> Ultimate Halloween Movie Directory <<

Halloween Party Ideas

A virtual smorgasbord of Halloween ideas to creep out your Halloween party guests. From scary props & displays to bloodcurdling recipes to ghoulish games, here you'll find everything needed to make your party a graveyard smash!

No bones about it, these halloween ideas will be sure to help make it a thriller night!


>> Halloween Pinatas <<

>> Horrorivia! Horror Movie Trivia Game Review <<

Halloween Masks

Whether you're seeking a terrifying mask or one that's just horrific in a funny way, do your brainstorming here.

>> Halloween Masks <<

Halloween Costumes

Of course, Halloween just wouldn't be Halloween without costumes! There's great Halloween costume ideas lurking for you in here…

>> Halloween Costumes <<

Halloween Makeup

Whether you want to enhance your costumed look or create your own unique look with street clothes, Halloween makeup is always fun. I still recall the time I created a big gruesome scar on my face and drove through the local McDonald's drive-through…the cashier's reaction was priceless!

Here are some basics to get you going, as well as a listing of recommended suppliers.

>> Halloween Makeup <<

Halloween Contact Lenses

A relatively recent addition to Halloween costume attire, Halloween contact lenses are all the rage these days. Originally limited to just Hollywood special F/X departments, these intimidating contact lenses are now widely available to the rest of us who want those same sinister eyes!

>> Contact Lenses For Halloween! <<

Halloween Music

A collection of music specifically for creating the perfect macabre mood! Just play some of these tunes and Werewolves of London will be knocking at your door (and their hair will be perfect)!

Halloween Decorations

Be the talk of the crypt with a great Halloween display! Great Halloween ideas for your indoor & outdoor displays. From Halloween villages to model trains to homemade cauldrons, if it's a decoration with a creepy theme, these decoration ideas will add chills and thrills to your home's spooky ambience!

Check out The Haunted Studio!

Halloween Haunted Houses

Like Haunted Houses, boils and ghouls? If you're like me, that's like asking: "Does Leatherface likes chainsaws?"! ;-)

Whether you are the one orchestrating the scares or the one being scared, Haunted Houses are always a part of the ultimate Halloween experience!

Find a Halloween haunted house, corn maze, haunted woods, as well as "real" scary places at my new site where you can rank and comment on on haunts you've been to and read what others had to say about their experiences. It's free to login as an editor and then you can list the haunts you've been to, give 'em a "ghosts" ranking, and post your comments! [You will need to provide the haunt's info including their website URL to get it listed.]

>> <<

If you're looking for "how-to" information on building your own, or are seeking to buy/sell a haunted house, or simply want some ideas for props and animatronics, this is the place!

Ever wonder why haunted houses so popular? I'm not sure but, rumor has it that every year, more and more people are just dying to get in!

Vintage Halloween

Searching for vintage Halloween items? You can find them, from around the world, right here!

>> Vintage Halloween <<

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