Halloween Poems!

Recently, one of my visitors submitted a frightastic Halloween poem that really blew me away. And then it struck me...

Why not create a special page just for scary Halloween poems? So, here it is!

I'll eventually make this section part of a larger Scary Reading area on the site with your "real" scary stories, fictional scary stories, campfire stories, etc. to go along with the poetry. So, if you have ideas for any of that, let me know.

Meanwhile, without further ado,
here's our first Halloween poem
from Jennifer to you...

Master of Nightmares
by Jennifer Steinberg

Being a shadow, a picture from your head
haunting you, while you sleep in your bed
when your eyes close, I will make the darkness spread.

Looking over you, the watcher from the dark,
what twisted tales come before you, for you to embark.

The glistening red, covered in blood
demon images will flood your vision,
flooded down with your own derision.

Where I beckon the pictures of hate,
so you can sleep with desecrate.
Fear is what draws me, call me forth I will come,
you the bait will feed my hate.

For when you close your eyes you are in your own demise.
The control I will have, nothing will save you from blight.
The Master of Nightmares....has you in a grasp, very tight.

[Oh yes, it might interest you to know that Jennifer's poem (and the idea it gave me for this new section) has made her a prize winner! She should be receiving it any day now. Way to go, Jennifer! :-) ]