Horror Art Showcase

I Dream The Midnight Midway painting

Here's a really cool horror art print I recently bought from Lew over at The Haunted Studio. It's one of my favorite designs from Lew (what am I saying?! They're all my favorites! I'd buy 'em all if I could--LoL.)

I got it professionally framed and I snapped this pic right after I got it home from the framing shop. While my photography isn't the best, Lew's work is. And I'm limited as to the size in graphics I can load here so you're missing out on a lot of the detail. I wish you could see this in person as my photo really doesn't do it justice! It's entitled "I Dream The Midnight Midway". And if you've read "My Story" on this site, you already know why I took a liking to this particular spooky, carnival-themed horror art!

There's a lot going in this piece! And that's just one of the things that I love about Lew's work...there's always something lurking just below the obvious to reward those who look for it. And this aspect not only makes for great decorative art, but interesting conversation pieces as well. Whether you like horror art or are just a Halloween enthusiast, The Haunted Studio is the place to go for unique art you won't find anywhere else.

I also enjoy Lew's newsletter called The Halloweenist which keeps you up to date on his latest paintings and even offers you a chance to win some goodies in his monthly "Disembodied Brain Teaser" contests.

Haunted Studio Haunting of Blue House

If you haven't visited The Haunted Studio yet, you're really missing out on some stunningly spooky masterpieces! And I always enjoy reading the spine-tingling tales that accompany them too!

The image shown above is called The Haunting of Blue House, but The Haunted Studio has many more you really should take a look at. Each one is a true work of art. And now and then, Lew even has an original painting to sell to some lucky horror art collector or Halloween enthusiast!

As mentioned above, you really should see the larger images of Lew's horror art work and the only way to do that is to visit The Haunted Studio. You'll find Lew to be very personable guy and just downright nice, so go pay him a visit over at The Haunted Studio and tell 'em Scared Out of Your Wits sent ya...

The Haunted Studio

I enjoyed the Horror Art Showcase - Show me more Halloween ideas!

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