The Horror Book Store!

Browse horror books & magazines and win scary stuff in The Horror Book Store!

Here's where I'll be featuring horror book reviews, horror fiction titles, horror film books, and horror magazines. Everything a ghoul could ever want in a neighborhood horror book store!

Submit your reviews of any of these titles for a chance to win scary stuff! See the Win Free Stuff page for more details on how to win!

Horror Book Store Rentals!

Have you heard about book "rentals" before? That's right... The video rental phenomenon has now carried over to books!

If you love reading horror books and don't particulary care about building a library once you're done with them, this is a great way to save yourself money with unlimited rentals! And, if you really do want to build that library, they do sell some titles too at frightfully low prices.

Whether you're into paperback books, CD audiobooks, or MP3-CD audiobooks, Booksfree is a welcome delight for the horror fiction fan. Some of their selections are rare and hard-to-find anywhere else.

Check out some of these tantalizing tales of terror...

How about these for a hair-raising Halloween experience?...

The Rack!

Horror-related magazines sure to make the ghoul in you drool!

Starting off our list, is


I love this magazine!

If you're a fan of horror movies and their special effects, makeup, and costuming, this magazine was made especially for you!

I'm done with the Horror Book Store. Take me back home!

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