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Burt's Horror Movie Trivia Vault has been spun-off to it's own new site which has just launched!

Due to the high volume of questions, I was no longer able to keep up with all the formatting and posting involved in continually updating The Vault here manually as I've done in the past. But this is good news because the new site means faster posting of your questions, faster responses by your favorite horror movie fiend (Burt), AND... now you and other fright fans around the world can quickly chime in on helping to answer questions too!

Plus, being on it's own domain will bring in even more visitors allowing for a greater chance someone will be familiar with your long lost horror movie. And there'll be even more people to discuss your favorite horror movies!

So come join the fun and register now at the new forum to get your own free account and check out all the cool features it offers (to see all of the news fader, you'll need Firefox's browser).

I'm even going to carry over the prize giveaway tradition to this new site too! I'll be giving a cool prize away to whomever helps answer the most questions between now and New Year's Day (not just random guesses, of course--some level of accuracy is required naturally). So check it all out right here at the new Burt's Horror Movie Trivia Vault!

For more horror movie trivia fun, be sure to check out Horrorivia -- the coolest horror movie trivia game on the planet! It even comes in a coffin case! Now how cool is that!? If you and your friends like board games and horror movie trivia, what better way to mix them up for your next game night or Halloween party than with this frightastic set?! Check it out and tell 'em sent ya! :-)

Read the full Horrorivia review and see the pics here!

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