Horrorivia Game Review

If you and your friends like horror movies at all, you're gonna love Horrorivia! It's a great Halloween party game or fun anytime you and your horror movie watching buds want to match wits and put your horror movie knowledge to the test.

Here's a pic of what the game looks like.

horrorivia game pic 1

Horrorivia Game Play

Take a look at that coffin box the game comes in...I mean how spookier can you get? Even the dice come in a coffin-shaped box and the playing pieces are skulls, each with it's own eye color!

Horrorivia game pic 2

The game is easy to learn and, best of all, you don't have to be an expert on any of the game's horror movies to win. That's because a large part of the fun is the strategy of sometimes having to bluff your opponents!

I suppose it's even possible for someone who has never even watched horror movies to bluff their way past their opponents to the finish! So don't let anyone try to weasel out of joining in by saying they don't watch horror movies. Maybe playing Horrorivia will help make a new convert out of them and you'll have a new bud to watch scary movies with! :-)

You can either just go through the horror movie cards as you find them or, you can do what we do and go through the cards and pick out the ones with movies all of us have seen. This makes it even more fun in our opinions (and a tad more fair too for those who have not seen many horror movies). We usually play in dimmed lighting to add a spooky ambience.

Horrorivia Helper

If you have someone present who isn't playing the game, they can still participate. We find it beneficial to have an impartial party serve as judge to check the "Book of Answers" and determine if the player's answers are close enough.

Horrorivia Hallucinations

While the game is a blast, be careful...you know what they say about "too much of a good thing", right? Here's someone who's played waaaayyy too much Horrorivia!

horrorivia game

Ok, so where you do buy Horrorivia? Use the link below and be sure to tell 'em Scared Out of Your Wits sent ya!

Ok, so Horrorivia rocks. Let's see more Halloween Party Ideas!

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