Prank Practical Jokes
to Scare Them Out of Their Wits!

Prank practical jokes to play on people…
friends (& enemies?), co-workers (& boss?)

Here's a scary prank practical joke I think you'll enjoy as much as I do. It's one of my favorites because it's so easy to set-up, very versatile, and extremely effective! ;-)

Here's all you do…

rattlesnake fake realistic Place a realistic-looking fake snake like this Rattlesnake where your "victim" is least likely to expect it and then just wait! For a co-worker (or boss?), you can simply place the prop in their desk drawer either while they are out to lunch, before they get in or after they leave for the day. It's even better if you get one of those "rattlesnake" sound gimmicks and rig it to go off when the drawer is opened.

Or, to play this prank practical joke on your mate, you simply take the fake snake, put it in a paper bag to conceal it and stuff it in one of the fridge drawers. Just before bedtime, you remove the snake prop from the fridge and take it to the sink where you drizzle some cold water on it. Now that it's cold and slick, you place it under the bed covers. If they don't notice it right away when getting into bed, chances are good they will eventually come in contact with it and begin to wonder what that cold, slimy thing is touching them. When they look to find out, oh man, watch out! ;-)

Practical Jokes Using Masks

NEW!--> Last year, my sister and her friend decided they would come over to my dad's house and meet my girlfriend. Me and my girl decided we wanted to scare them bad and so that's what we did. I got out my gorilla mask which looks like the new King Kong in the face--it's pretty scary. Since we have two big bushes in front of the house, I hid behind one of them in the rain as I waited on my sister and her friend. It was dark.

I heard her car pull up and I started to really get excited. As she stepped up to the front door, I jumped out on her and let out a loud wasn't seconds before she and her friend took off running back to the car and they took off. Me and my dad and my girlfriend were laughing so hard! They finally decided to come back...when it wasn't dark outside. I will never forget that night. -Brian

Jeanne P. of Hollywood, FL relays this story of how her husband scared her out of her wits one night with a scary prank practical joke…

"It was after midnight when I got home from work. You can't imagine my horror when, as I opened the front door, I looked down to see a man's head was on the hallway floor creeping towards me in the semi-darkness! As I let out a scream, I heard a burst of laughter as my husband emerged from the bedroom at the end of the hall. In his hands was a remote control for the tiny R/C car on which he had attached a full head mask. He fell on the sofa laughing! So, do you wonder what happened to my husband?" ;-)

That's a great one, Jeanne! Thanks for sharing. The R/C car gimmick is perfect for a prank practical joke. Another variation on this idea is to use one of the remote control rats on the market. With these, you get twice the terror because you can use these in conjunction with a head prop and by themselves!

Rose W. sends in this prank practical joke: Take a head mask and hang it just inside a clothes closet door so that it hangs about eye-level with your intended "victim" (even better if you rig it to spin!). Then, it's just a matter of time before they open the door and are met face-to-face with "the boogeyman"! ;-)

Good one, Rose! By the way, the easiest way to spin masks or any other lightweight prop is with a spinning motor designed for just such purposes which you can find online or sometimes at your local Halloween store.

Here's a scary practical joke I loved doing for years until the mask I was using became so worn and tattered I had to toss it and now I need to find another one worthy of replacing it...

The masked I used was a really scary looking old vampire (Nosferatu type) full-head mask that I would stuff with newspaper or rags to give it support and then I'd place it on the shelf just inside my co-workers' cubicle cupboards facing toward the cupboard door. The cupboards were perfect for this because they were eye-level.

It was hilarious as I would try to control my laughter while sitting there nonchalantly working close to them, all the while knowing what was waiting for them behind their cupboard door! A couple times, it was so long before they opened their cupboard, I had forgotten all about it...that is, until their shriek! ;-)

Kinsey submits this scary practical joke which, while it doesn't require a mask, if you have one to use with it, so much the better:

This prank would work best at day time. Take a pillow and make some legs and arms and make it look like you in the bed. Pull the covers over it and then hide under the bed. When your "victim" comes in you grab their feet and it will scare the living life out of them! I did this to my friend Maggie and she literally screamed. It was too funny! It works every time. Well, at least until people catch on with the trick.

That's a great way to scare people out of their wits, Kinsey! Your Master of Fright certificate is on its way! -Dan

Practical Jokes Using Bugs

"...along came a spider and scared Miss Muffett away."

Thanks to modern technology, you now have access to spiders that look real at first glance (and that's all it takes to pull off the following bug prank practical joke...just one glance! ;-)

Try taking one of the imitation crawly critters and putting it on your mate's pillow and cover it so that when the sheets are pulled back, they'll find they have a new furry friend wanting to get cozy with them!

Little Miss Muffett never saw anything like this giant spider! It's one of the best I've ever seen.

Another idea... Take a fake spider and hang it just behind a closet door. Arrange it so that it dangles either from some string or webbing. Try to hang it about eye-level for best effect. To really enhance the effect, rig it to spin with one of the little spinning motors available. This will make it look even more realistic when your "victim" first sees it!

And don't overlook the fright factor to be given to your roommate or spouse by simply sticking a spider inside their bathroom medicine cabinet. Talk about a "rude awakening" the morning they open it up! They won't need any coffee that morning! ;-)

One of the scariest looking bugs of course is the infamous cockroach! Uggh! Here's a few ideas to get you going with these ugly critters...

Place a fake one just inside the kitchen utensil drawer so when it's opened, it's sure to be seen...and get a good scream!

cockroach roach giant fake

For the ultimate cockroach scare, check out this Giant Cockroach you can get online at many online Halloween stores. Try placing it on top of the fridge door so the next time you victim thinks they are going to treat themselves to a midnight snack, they find out *they* might become the midnight snack! Or, rig it to stay put on the wall or ceiling (as if it's crawling up there) just above the inside of the doorway from which they are most likely to enter (once your "victim" is in the kitchen and has noticed it, they'll be too scared to go back underneath it lest it jump down on them!)

Also, a great place to leave this giant cockroach would be just inside an oft opened cupboard door. Or, get some normal size fake cockroaches and try placing the little guys in a cereal box. Imagine the reaction when your victim sees him in their morning cereal bowl!

Practical Jokes Using
Stage Blood & Other Props

NEW!--> Bree suggests: Wait until it is very dark, then sneak out the back door or window and go to a window that is close to your parent's room (or the room of whomever you want to scare). Put fake blood on yourself just before you scream bloody murder! Then, quickly lay on the ground where they'll see you when they look out the window!

Here's another one from Bree: Fill up your bath tub with water and get inside. Put fake blood on your hand and smear all along the side. Next, put fake blood in the tub and start splashing. Then, if you can hold your breath for a long time, go under then some one will come inside. I think you know the rest!

William shares this scary practical joke...

This is an "unexpected corpse" trick to pull in public. First, take two sheets of old plywood or vlandex and construct a box with an open end. Make sure there is enough room for a person to crawl inside and lay down.

Then, cut another piece of plywood to make a cap for the end. Place a two by four on the top and the bottom of the board to allow you to wedge it in place allow it to overlap the box by about 2''.

Then, all you have to do is load it in the back of a truck with the open end facing towards the tailgate. After that, you have a friend take one of their shoes and a sock off and dribble fake blood (such as the stage blood sold at most online Halloween shops) on their foot without the shoe. Then have them crawl up into the box. Drive somewhere where there is sure to be people walking by your a parking lot at Wal-mart or somewhere.

When you arrive there, get out and open the tailgate and act like you are really struggling to open the box. When someone walks by, ask them for help and, if they oblige, just stand back and let them open it and watch their faces. After a couple of seconds, the person in the box should twitch their feet. This scares some people so bad they take off running and screaming. It is a blast.

For an extra kick, take a baseball bat and scruff it up a little and dribble fake blood on it and place it in the box too (right alongside the "corpse") with the bloody end exposed!

That is absolutely frightacular, William! Very creative and I love the baseball bat effect! :-) Your Master of Fright certificate is on its way and welcome to the Fraternal Order of Fright Fans!

Me and a bunch of my friends were in the woods at night. We had just finished watching a Jason movie and we thought it would be cool to go sit in the woods and talk about the movie. My clever friend decided she would get her brother to chase my other friends through the woods with a chainsaw (kids don't ever try to do this with the chain on). My friend Chelsea is a very good actress so she got her brother to pretend like he was dragging her by her hair across the woods. My friends were starting to cry when I just bust out laughing from behind the bushes (where Chris told me to stay and tape the whole thing). It was very funny, but when we came home and watched it we found a dark shadow move by the screen. So-oo...ya never know. Thanks for your time! -Carrie

Great stunt, Carrie! Hey gang, as Carrie points out, as I'm sure you know, if you ever use a chainsaw in a scary prank, first REMOVE the blade chain. Or, better yet, get a fake chain saw \since we don't endorse using anything that could accidentally physically harm someone. Please be careful and sensible when playing practical jokes on others.

Here's another one sent in... My practical freaking joke is hilarious. Take two friends camping with you. When they both are asleep zzzzzzzzzzzz. You get one of your fellow camper(s) (your friend(s) ) to take off running and screaming and fall on the tent. Make sure you wake them up (have something that looks like blood or will not work).

Get your friend to tell them that you are missing and that they saw someone with you in the woods. Then you come running out of the woods with arms in the air with fake blood and a deep cut. Tell them you saw Candy Man. Then, without showing them you should have a fake hook taped to your back (important must be clear tape) then fall to the ground for more effect. Use fake blood to cover the tape and spread it around. Then have another friend come running out of the wood with one hand missing then when they faint or s**t their pants laugh until you have a side cramp or pee your pants too (ps i did both):^} -Kalep

Luke writes in...

When the person you want to play this practical joke on is not around, take a knife and put the best fake blood you can find on it. You then lay under the bed covers and place the knife on you. When they come over near you, jump up and yell!

Dang, Luke, that ought to scare 'em out of their wits, alright! Talk about heart attack city! Better be sure they have a good sense of humor for this one! I strongly recommend using one of the fake knives on the don't want to accidentally cut yourself when you jump up! Also, you might want to use an old rag to put the prop on to ensure you don't stain your clothes or the covers with the fake blood.

Jamie writes in... "When a family member is off-guard, sneak up quietly behind them, grab their waist and yell "BOO!" That will scare the wits out of them!"

Jamie, having been the victim of that one myself (at home and at work), you've just reminded me how sometimes the simplest scares can also be the best ones!

Practical Jokes Without Props

When my brother was downstairs having his bedtime snack, I snuck up into his room and snuck under the bed. I waited till he and my mom came up and she tucked him in and turned the lights off. I heard him giggling and getting comfy. Then, when all was quiet, I changed my voice to this deep scary sound and said his name: "Cullen"....slowly and scary..... then again..."Cullen".... I could hear him stop in his bed and catch his breath...hahaha he sounded soooo scared I couldn't stop laughing and then I just busted out laughing and he realized it was me, but he didn't want to go back to sleep!!!! hahaha... ahhh, gotta love big sisters! -Michelle

Michelle, how naughty of you! LoL! Your story reminds me of the many scary stunts my older sisters and brother would pull on me when I was little. Oh, the stories I could tell! Just not enough time to tell them all! :)

David writes: When somebody is watching a scary movie in your house, you say: "Hey, I'll be right back..." Then you leave the room and get to a phone. Call the nearest phone to the person and then say something scary. They will come out screaming their heads off.

Quinn suggests: This works best if you are a kid and have a sibling. One night, when your mom/dad is tucking in your sibling, sneak into their room. Lie low for a few minutes, then when the time is right, pop out and grab their leg and arm and say something that is scary. Gives them chills every time!

Jason W. from the UK suggests...

When you have between 3 to 6 people in a car, wait until one person falls asleep. When he/she does fall asleep, on the count of 3, all scream as if you are in a crash then he/she will **** their pants!

Good one, Jason! Everyone make sure the driver is on this beforehand though! ;-)

Emilio G. of Boston, Mass. shares this one:

Go outside and throw a few pebbles at a window...then sneak back inside (maybe through a back door or window) and say: "Hey [name], did you hear something at the window? Sounds like someone is out there..."

Hey, I like that's simple yet can be quite effective if done at the right time. I think this prank practical joke would be scariest when just a couple people are gathered around a scary movie late one night, especially if it's a movie like Scream where the killer is prowling around just outside! Try to get them to go out and investigate!

Share your scary stuff...

Got any great scary pranks you've used on someone or someone used on you? Maybe you've seen a great horror movie or read a great scary story or book you'd like to tell us about? Or perhaps you've had the frightful opportunity to actually visit a scary place or "haunted" Halloween attraction and want to share your experience?

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