Scary Cams!
Webcams of People Getting Spooked Inside Haunted Attractions!

Few things are more fun than watching people get scared out of their wits on scary cams! There was a haunted house on 2nd Avenue in downtown Nashville, TN that had some great LIVE scare cams a few years back. I recall having a blast with friends as we watched them (I almost worked as a spook there too, but that's another story :-).

Scare cams are fun for the public to watch and see the "victims" at a few select scenes within the attraction. It whets the viewer's appetite to go experience the "haunt" for themselves. For the haunted house operator, it's a great way to get some low-cost publicity for their haunt. All it takes is a single web cam put in a strategic location within the haunt. Naturally, the bigger the haunt, the more web cams may be appropriate (the one in Nashville had about 4 webcams going at once) and it was a medium-sized, one-floor haunt.

Some of the scare cams you'll find in this directory are "live" and some are previously recorded from either the haunt's previous years or, sometimes, the previous night. It just depends on the haunt.

LIVE Scare Cams!

Okay, my fellow fright fan, here's the links to the best LIVE Scare Cams of Halloween 2016 for your viewing pleasure...

You view "victims" though hidden cameras! How cool is that?! :P

Zombie Outbreak: Zombie Outbreak

Most Haunted Live Feeds: Most Haunted Live Feeds

Castle Brittahytta: Castle Brittahytta

Stay tuned as more scare cams for 2016 are discovered and posted here!

(Being a "LIVE" scary cam, you'll naturally only be able to see the action during their seasonal operating hours. Also, live cams are prone to technical difficulties from time to time so if it's not in operation when you try it, check it again another night.)

Recorded Scare Cams & Preview Videos

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