Read the scary email I receive...

Every now and then I receive some scary email here at Scared-Out-of-Your-Wits!

So, I just figured I'd begin posting some of these "interesting submissions" right here for your amusement. Hope you'll get as much of a kick out of them as I do...

Here's the most recent one (wonder if they're referring to "Pinhead"?)...

one night i saw a guy that head nidles in his head he look scary and wach for him he mit kill you...

And here's a few more I received just the other day...


Oi Blood listen i know whou r nd im gonna catch u nd blaze ur head carry on. Whenever u forget bout me ill be watchin u.

I also receive some non-scary, yet very welcome email that really make my day such as these...

Wow Dan, you really have a fantastic site. I can't begin to tell you how impressed we are with what you have put together. You have really included a lot of good "stuff". Great job to all involved. -Bob,

Thanks for the kudos, Bob!

Thank you! your website has convinced my parents that im normal. my story is just like yours. i was scared when i was little, hating it, but becoming completely fascinated with horror. your my friggin idol!!!!!Thanx -Clay

Clay, it's great to hear from someone like yourself who can relate to my story--that is very cool, indeed! Rock on, my fellow horrormeister!

My daughter and I are big horror fans and I came across your website. I was so impressed by it. I have to admit the videos of the pranks scared me to I can't wait to send your website to all my friends and daughters friends. Keep up the awesome work! you are really talented.


Tammie Taylor
West Virginia

Thanks, Tammy! It's horror fans like you that really rock! This is a growing site, so please keep coming back and enjoy the sheer horror of it all! ;-)

If you found this page while looking for email pranks to send to your friends, you're in the right place. Here's the page you're looking for: Scary Email Pranks.

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