Scary Ghost Video Vault

Select a scary ghost video from the link below. Careful though, it can be addictive!

You never know what you just might see in one of these videos. It could be a spooky mist, orb, or who knows what! ;-)

The videos will be changing on a regular basis so keep checking out to see all the new ones!

Scary Ghost Videos

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I have this set and can tell you that it’s a great collection if you love the older horror classics that were more about mood than the gore of today. Sure, there’s a few duds in the set, but there’s also some real gems too. Besides, hey there’s *50* movies in this set! At this insane price (40 cents a movie!), how can you go wrong?

Horror Classics 50 Movie DVD Collection

I'm done with the Scary Ghost Video Vault. Show me more spooky videos!