Scary Masks!

Harry Potter costumes from Spirit Halloween!

Whether it's Halloween or any other time of year, there's nothing like scary masks to scare 'em out of their wits!

While the initial origin of the mask is unknown, some authorities believe they were donned by ancient warriors in battle to intimidate the enemy.

Also in ancient times, people used masks to portray various heroes of mythology.

Scary Masks from the Movies!

Some of the best scary masks in modern times have their origins in Hollywood. For example, check out this complete Predator Deluxe Latex Mask w/ Removable Face Plate! You can even get the Predator Deluxe Latex Hands and Predator costume to complete the effect! (Every time I see Predator on TV as I flip through the channels, I can't help but stop and watch it -- that thing is scary!)

Predator Deluxe Latex Mask w/ Removable Face Plate

Predator Mask

Right up there with the Predator is the Alien character designed by H.R. Giger with its smaller, toothy mouth that ejects from the larger one. Check out this Alien Deluxe Overhead Latex Mask and the matching Alien Deluxe Latex Hands!

Alien Deluxe Overhead Latex Mask

Alien Deluxe Latex Hands

And speaking of scary masks made famous in the movies, who can forget the infamous Michael Myers Mask?

I have a co-worker friend who gets totally freaked out every time she sees this mask. Actually, it's even quite a bit of fun to leave her notes signed "Michael M." (lol--check the prank pages for more info on how I took advantage of knowing about her Michael Myers phobia so I could scare her out of her wits!)

Here's a page she definitely would *not* want to visit: Michael Myers Everything! LoL!

For others, the epitome of terror is none other than Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie franchise.

Leatherface Deluxe Overhead Latex Mask

Haunted houses and haunted woods everywhere have kept the legend alive by usually having at least one Leatherface character in his bloody apron running amuck with a (vrerr...vrerrr…vrerrraamm) Leatherface Chainsaw!

If you're really into scary masks used by Hollywood filmmakers, Dr Lady's Monster Mask Guide is an excellent reference.

Fun with Scary Masks!

One of my all-time favorite scary masks was an over-the-head "old vampire" mask (Nosferatu type). I have fond memories of freaking people out with that thing, especially when one of my older sisters would drive me around town as I sat in the passenger seat wearing it with the mask's neckline tucked inside the collar of an old denim jacket.

We'd try not to do it too close to Halloween though since that's when people are expecting that kind of thing. Also, we'd do it only at dusk when people could make out just enough of the details to get creeped out. We were going for maximum shock value...

My "big sis" would go up to the McDonald's drive-thru speaker and place an order as natural as can be. Then, pulling around the corner, it was such a hoot to see the cashier's reaction as we drove up to the window.

My sis kept the act up and just pretended like nothing was out of the ordinary at all as she handed over the money and took the order from the cashier. Meanwhile, I'd turn toward them so they could get a better look - lol.

Modifications to Scary Masks!

After awhile, I wanted to give the mask a little "freshening up"...

So, I got a large, fake (latex) nail and a bottle of 8 oz Liquid Latex (an adhesive for prosthetics) and attached it to the mask's forehead. I then used a mixture of makeup similar to this Injury Stack around the edges of the area to give the illusion of a fresh wound. [Also, before applying the colors, some derma wax can be used to smooth out the edges if you have some on hand.]

I then applied a small amount of fake blood such as Cinema Secret's Fx Blood at the point where the "nail" appears to go in, and let it just ooze its way down naturally to complete the effect.

Unfortunately, that particular ol' mask finally got so ragged after much use that I had to toss it. I've yet to see another mask quite like it, but if I run across another one similar to it, I'll post it here to give you an idea of what a scary mask it really was!

Scary Clown Masks!

If you're a fan of scary clowns or just like freaking out those with the scary clown phobia, these are my current favorites...

Scary Clown Masks!

Costume Hall of Fame!

Last, but not least, you've gotta take a look at this one...

I betcha this will be one popular costume this year!

If you're the artistic/creative type that would like to try making your own, unique scary masks, the Mask Makers Handbook may be just the how-to guide you need to create your first monstrosity!

Mask Makers Handbook

So, what scary masks freak you out? Have you scared someone out of their wits with a scary mask? Do you have a nominee for the Hall of Fame?


Maybe you're into modifying or even making your own custom scary masks from scratch using foam latex or other materials and have some techniques to share...

Share your scary mask making techniques or stories right here and you just might win the monthly prize! Check out the latest monthly winners at Win Free Stuff!

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