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Here you will find horror movie reviews not by some "critic", but by people just like you…your fellow fright fans! Not only will you find the better-known fright flicks listed, but some fairly obscure horror films too!

Most review sites reveal so much that by the time you've finished reading, you're so familiar with it that there's no longer much point in seeing the film! Not so here. No spoilers...only what you need to know.

From the Top 100 List of Best Scary Movies, you'll be able to cast your vote for The Scariest Movie of All Time (which might be better titled "Best Scary Movie of All Time" since some of these are, admittedly, horror comedy flicks and classic horror movies that are not the scariest obviously. But I've included them because some fright fans enjoy those types of horror the most so they are certainly relevant to a Top 100 list). After voting, you'll see the voting results from around the world in real time!

Last, but not least, is the "Ask Burt!" column. Trying to remember the name of a scary movie you saw years ago? Want to know if a horror flick not yet in the database is any good? Ask my bud Burt! His answers to your questions will be continually added to Burt's Horror Movie Trivia Vault.

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Our Fright Factor Rating System

SNOOZER = Not scary (even though it may be decent in other aspects).

SPOOKER = Kept the viewer's interest, has entertainment value and is quite spooky overall, yet it never quite achieves one of the higher ratings.

SHOCKER = definitely has the fright factor going on; had viewer gripping the arm-chair as they held their breath at least once.

SCREAMER = the Holy Grail of what scary movies are supposed to be! If you don't jump, scream or at least flinch at least one time during the flick, you're probably already dead; after the movie, you may have trouble sleeping and/or may be afraid to be alone.

Ready to "get your ghoul on"? Okay, here we go…

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The Descent

The Descent

The majority of reviews I had seen for The Descent had been favorable overall, which is pretty good considering most "mainstream" reviewers seem to give scary flicks a bad rap more often than not (even when fright fans may have thought it worthy of an Guess it takes a special kind of mind to appreciate scary stuff. ;-) So, I anxiously anticipated getting to check this one out and am happy to say it did not disappoint!

This movie is definitely a descent into a world of fright. In an age when we're led to believe that scary events occur only in the woods, on backroads, in space stations or a house, it was refreshing to see a new venue for horror -- a deep, dark cavern in the Appalachian mountains.

I hear there may be an alternate ending that will be on the DVD release. Perhaps it will be the one from the UK version or maybe there will even be other ones? All I can tell you is that the ending I saw gets you thinking and you realize what a descent it was! I saw some people on a message board arguing over which ending is better--the US or UK version. Of course, this is simply a matter of personal taste.

Regardless of which ending you get to see, one thing is for sure...spelunkers will definitely think twice about taking on unexplored caves after they watch this flick! Rating: SHOCKER

Upcoming Scary Movies

So, what kind of spooky chills-n-thrills does Hollywood have in store for us? Will it be another attempt to improve upon a "classic"?

Perhaps it will be one more sequel to a "safe", rehashed horror franchise (personally, I'm anxiously awaiting A Nightmare on Elm Street 8: Freddy versus Chucky!). ;-P

Or...will we be pleasantly surprised with something innovative and original? Find out here...

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