My Childhood Story of
Getting Scared Out of My Wits!

Greetings, fellow fright fan! Let me share with you a little more about this site for scary stuff and how it all began....

This site is the result of my interest in the spooky, the scary, the downright frightening…basically the types of things that can either scare me out of my wits, or I found useful in scaring friends and co-workers out of theirs! (I'm so-o-o terrible, aren't I?)

On these pages I'll be revealing what I feel to be the "best of the best" in scary stuff that I've found and adding new things as I run across them. But what makes this site really special is that I invite you to submit reviews and recommendations on what you find scary. I then update the site on a regular basis with your suggestions (and give you the credit and a chance to win prizes in my monthly giveaways)! Imagine…fright fans all over the world sharing their ideas on scary stuff right here. Together we can make this the site people think of for getting "scared out of your wits!"

Have you recently scared someone out of their wits (or been scared out of yours)? Tell everyone about it using the form you will find at the bottom of pages throughout this site. Each month, I'll select the best submission to not only receive a "Master of Fright" certificate and induction into the Fraternal Order of Fright Fans, but also a prize!

Check out the Win Free Stuff page for the latest monthly winners and info on the Ultimate Halloween Giveway -- I'll draw the winner Halloween night from among the monthly winners!

So be sure to submit a scary prank idea or a scary movie review often because each submission increases your odds of being the top submission that month!

Do you ever wonder why
so many of us enjoy scary stuff?

What is it that brings out our desire for this emotion?

You've probably heard people speak of "an adrenalin rush". This is sometimes also called the "fight or flight syndrome". Adrenalin, also known as Epinephrine, is simply a hormone secreted by the adrenal medulla that is released into the bloodstream in response to physical or mental stress, as from fear or injury. It initiates many bodily responses, including the stimulation of heart action and an increase in blood pressure, metabolic rate, and blood glucose concentration.

These strong physical responses to stimuli are what remind us we are alive (and make us glad that we are). Ever been to a good haunted house attraction? How did you feel upon exiting? Bet you were feeling quite "alive" when you got out, weren't you?

So this physical reaction to the stimuli may very well be one reason we enjoy a good scare. Yet, many believe we are molded, at least in part, by our "environment" when we were young. That includes our individual experiences, good or bad. While we all probably have our own personal experiences that helped mold us into people who enjoy a good scare, here's what I believe started it all for me…

"Sit right down and you'll hear a tale,
a tale of a fateful trip..."

Yeah, you could say this website is the result of a fateful trip alright! A trip yours truly took with his mother, big sister and her friend to the local carnival in Carol City, Florida (near Miami) when I was at the "impressionable" age of 6 years old....

Like most kids, I was fascinated by the local carnivals...the colorful bright lights, the games and prizes, the rides, cotton candy, and screams of excitement everywhere. A fantasy world for most kids and I was no exception. I bugged my sister and mom until they planned a get-together with my sister's girlfriend and her mom.

Before I knew it, the special weekend had arrived and off we went….

Now remember, I was only about 6 years old. I may have found carnivals fascinating, but I hadn't been to many at that point and had yet to progress to the more "grown-up rides" which included, you guessed it, the "haunted house!"

And there it was… Black buggies propelling fright-filled people into an ominous, two-story contraption with loud sounds and fearful screams coming from within. I was curious but nervous and wanted to investigate this new experience with the security of my big sister (who I always wanted to follow around), but she and her friend had disappeared to explore another ride for the moment. But never fear, mom was near. And soon, she and I were in line awaiting our turn at this spooky adventure.

Of course, I now know it was just your run-of-the mill, carnival-type haunted house and probably didn't have a single live actor, but the moment that car began to move, it didn't matter. My imagination took over and made it scarier than anything I'd ever encountered...I just knew it must be jam-packed with scary stuff waiting for me at every turn!

As our "car" prepared to go through the first door, there was a loud siren as the door flew open. I could see we were about to be plunged into a netherworld of pitch-black darkness, screams, and the unknown. Just as we crossed that threshold of "no return", I closed my eyes hoping that would be enough to protect me from the scary things lurking about in the dark that might get me. But it wasn't enough… I now felt things touching me! That was it!! I couldn't take anymore and had to take serious action…

At this point, my sister, her friend, and her mom had returned to the area and were looking for us. There was a loud bang as a car was ejected from the haunted house and there they spotted my mom riding alone in it. They came up to the car and not seeing me, my big sister shouted in a worried voice: "Where's Danny?!" Even my mom didn't realize I had disappeared.

Hearing these trusted voices assured me I was safe now. Much to their relief (and amusement), I slowly emerged from underneath the front of the car where I had crouched and hidden myself through the entire ride!

Just goes to show that the best way to scare someone is to work on their imagination…that "haunted house" could have been completely empty and fully lit up inside, and it wouldn't have mattered one bit! After setting my imagination in motion with the initial dark entrance and the sensation of things touching me at the get-go, I had successfully been scared out of my wits!

Now, if that wasn't enough
for one night in a little kid's life…

Shortly after we exited the haunted house ride, some guy walks up and begins chatting it up with my mom as we waited for the others to meet up with us. As he casually talks, he begins to calmly reach into his shirt pocket and gently pulls out a neatly folded, white hanky…

But wait…what's that red color bleeding through the cloth? As he slowly unfolds the hanky in a very precise fashion, he tells how his wife had recently had a "mishap" and he has saved something from the event. At this point, he has completely unfolded the hanky in his palm and lying there in the center of it is a woman's severed finger--finger nail and all! Now that's some scary stuff!

Fast forward to the present….

After many years of my telling this story, mom now says it was a fake finger with fake blood gag. Well, all I can say is I remember that to be the most realistic looking severed finger I have ever seen (and I've seen a lot of this day I'm still convinced that finger was real). And with that being the case…

I can't help but still wonder all these years later… Just what (or who) was that touching me as we went through that first door of the haunted house?! And had I not hidden under the front of that buggy, would I be here now? Hmmm…

All I know for sure is that was one creepy carnival! (Oh, so you can tell it made an impression on me, huh?) ;-)

My Dream...

I'm now on a quest. With your help, I'm seeking out the spookiest, creepiest, scariest stuff on the planet. Our findings will be shared right here, creating the best fright site around for finding and sharing scary stuff.

My dream is to develop this into the #1 scary ideas website...whether it be scary pranks to play on people, scary places to visit, scary movies to watch alone or with friends, scary books, scary webcams, and, well, you get the idea..."scary stuff"!

Sure, there's a "dead-icated" section on Halloween stuff, but that's just one part of what this site is about. Consider this your ever-growing personal library of all things spooky, creepy, frightening, and capable of scaring people out of their wits! Your home for scary stuff!

Painted jack-o-lantern

So, there you have it. That's the story behind this site. There's no corporation or bunch of people behind the scenes's just a little pet project I work on in my spare time (hence why it grows at a snail's pace, lol).

[If you're interested in learning a little more about me, read on. Otherwise, skip on to the good stuff using the left NavBar or bottom menu.]

I'm also working on a "haunted" attractions & scary places site which will be debuting very soon. Sign up for my ezine for news on it as well as a chance to win in my horror movie trivia contest.

Other things I enjoy in my spare time include:

Screenwriting: three supernatural/horror screenplays in the works; two are spec scripts and the third is one I plan to direct/produce myself as soon as I can get around to it (hopefully this coming year).

Fiction writing: my supernatural short story is in the rewrite phase.

Non-fiction writing: my article "Dobloon Dreams" was published in the June 2004 issue of Lost Treasure magazine.

Acting Training: Alan Dysert (All My Children)Appearances: Pallbearer in Masterpiece Theater's A Death in the Family; Racetrack patron in High Roller: The Story of Stu Ungar; I was also in Robert Redford's The Last Castle but, alas, my scene was cut. :(

ReadingLots of it (some of the topics may surprise you though, lol. Maybe I'll eventually post some of my favorite sites here and you'll see what I mean).

KeyboardsEnjoy learning to play my favorite retro/disco songs!

Treasure Hunting

I'm not usually able to check my email on this site daily, but I *will* reply eventually so... If you want to know anything else about me, just ask!

Sidebar For Those Who Dislike "Scary Stuff":

Recently, a friend said they didn't like scary stuff as it evokes "such a negative emotion." I think some clarification of terms would be useful here.

First, "scary stuff" as used in the context of this website is a simply a form of entertainment, which is fictional and all in good fun.

This isn't the scary stuff you'll find on your evening news. In this site's world of scary stuff, there's no one really in danger or anyone really being harmed. But that's not the case with the really scary events you'll see and hear on your evening news. So a healthy appreciation for the difference between fiction and reality is key.

Further, just as scary movies compose one genre of popular films, other genres are filled with storylines that seek to instill within us many other emotions that may be deemed "negative".

There are sappy, sad Romance films that often seek to evoke tears and/or heartache from the viewer. War movies usually are filled with physical pain and the heartache of losing loved ones. Martial Arts films are typically laden with the emotions of anger, hate, and/or revenge. Dramas often hope to achieve a combination of all of these "negative emotions". Yet people all over the world love these films just the same. Why?

Because we recognize them as fictional entertainment capable of enhancing our human experience through the emotions they evoke within us. Likewise, so is the case with the "scary stuff" referenced within this site.

So relax, pop a top on a cold soda, and join in for some fun exploring scary stuff!

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