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** Yet another brand new email prank for Halloween 2010!! **

Oh man, here's another one I think you're really going to want to share with everyone you know! Muahahaha!! Check it out here: Cool Card Trick. I suggest either just forwarding it all nonchalantly with no commentary or maybe with a little blurb like this: "I've always been a fan of magic so I'm always interested in learning cool card tricks that are straightforward yet get huge reactions. Well, this is the king of them all!! I've watched it over and over and still can't figure out how he does it, can you?"

*** Brand New Scary Email Prank for Halloween 2010!! ***

Be the first to send this one to your friends!

I just had this one created in time for Halloween! It's actually a promo for my affordable auto insurance site. [ If you drive, I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd request your free car insurance quotes using the form at the end of the video. It's 100% free, there's absolutely no obligation, you never even have to speak to anyone. No Driver's License # or Soc. Sec. # required and it'll take no more than a few minutes of your time - I promise! I'll earn a little bit if you simply request free quotes (using valid contact info, of course) and this will help me continue to develop and host more videos for you. So, if you like this one and want more, please spend just a few minutes requesting your FREE quotes and you just might save a bundle on your auto insurance in the process (I sure did!). Thanks for your support! :)]

It appears to be part of footage captured while filming in the South Pacific! Email the link to your friends along with a note along the lines of...

"This footage was captured while filming a tourism promo in the South Pacific islands. Look for the splash near the yacht. Everyone is claiming it's a mermaid and that you can clearly see the mermaid's tail. I think it's pretty impressive, but would love to know what you think... Real Mermaid Video"

Scary Greetings are here! After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, I've finally completed my first scary flash prank. Here's the result--the first in my new line of Scary Greetings, e-greeting cards to scare 'em out of their wits!

I created this first scary e-card as a generic can be used for birthdays, annniversaries, graduations, retirements, etc. If it's well-received, I'll make more in other categories. Just entire Scary Greetings section with scary prank e-cards for every occassion...Valentine's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, Boss' Day (lol), etc.!

So, if you like this first one I made (or even if you just like this site in general), please be sure to link to this page (or any page on my site) from your forum posts, blogs, websites, etc. Your help in spreading the word will keep this site going and bring you more scary pranks!

Okay, so here's my recommendation on using this first Scary Greetings e-card...

1) In the subject line, put: "[Your Name], has sent you an e-card!"

2) Copy and paste everything between the quotes into the body of the email: "Click the following link to view the e-card [Your Name] has sent you from Creative Greetings!

***SORRY! I just checked it and something seems to have happened with the soundtrack's timing. It's like double-speed now so the effect is lost for now. I'll leave this up for now though in case whatever the issue is happens to get resolved eventually. I'm disappointed too - I put a lot of work into it and it was very effective!**** Your e-card at Creative Greetings!

[If the URL above doesn't appear as a clickable link, copy and paste it into your browser and press enter. If e-card does not load immediately, try clicking on e-card to activate. Loading times may vary depending on your connection speed.]"


That's it!

Here's one of my favorite really scary pranks. My friend Burt Newman of Nashville, TN was the prankster who sent me this video clip (you got me good, Burt!)...

Okay, so maybe you're looking for scary pranks to play on that pretty new blonde two cubicles down from yours. Here's a great one because you (and anyone else around) may very well get to hear her jump out of her seat! Ready?

Just right clip on this link: Scary Car Commercial Video Clip and then "Save As" to download this file to your PC. Then email it to your "victim" as an attachment. This free computer prank is an MPEG video clip which should play fine on most PC's.

My advice is to just put in the subject line: "Kinda neat...see if you can hear it the first time". This subtly implies to the viewer that they'll need audio, which is much better than giving the obvious red flag "Turn up the volume!" Many are already wise to that, so just be sure to use something more likely to catch them off-guard. Experiment and see what captions bring the best results!

Oh yeah, once you've scared 'em good, tell 'em to come on over to and join the fun!

(Naturally, it's a good idea to use good judgement and only email scary pranks to those in good health and without heart problems!)

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Scary Computer Pranks

Some of the best scary pranks are computer pranks. Here's some computer pranks to get you started.

Scary Practical Jokes

Remember...we choose to be scared at haunted houses and when reading scary stories or watching scary movies, but with scary pranks and practical jokes, your quarry is an unsuspecting participant. So always keep it harmless and something even your "victim" can laugh about soon afterward. This ensures that everyone will have some frightful fun. :-)

Dewitt, a student, writes in::

"Here's what I'm doing. I'm using to scare everyone into thinking that there is some guy watching them. Now I've enlisted the help of several highschoolers and we found an abandoned house outside of town. We told a select 15 students that they were worthy of finding out who this "stalker" was. When they came, we were all dressed in black and started to take them in, one by one. We had them scared out of they're minds! Now, that is a prank!"

"The Bait & Switch"

Here's a fun yet simple little bait and switch tactic to use on your mate...

First, prepare the "switch":

Take a couple of pillows (or a rolled-up blanket) to form the approximate size and shape of your body. Put a real scary looking false face and/or wig (as close to your hair color as possible) on the pillow facing their direction. Then, pull the bed spread up over the "body" and pillow till it looks like it's just you there sleeping under the covers.

Now, set the "bait"...

Casually tell your mate, "Goodnight, honey. I'm going to bed now" as you disappear into the bedroom. Quickly hide in the closet and wait for your mate to come in. When he/she pulls back the covers, enjoy the scream!

You can also use this technique to have a little fun with the hotel maids when you're traveling. My brother and I did this several years ago during a family vacation. The morning of our hotel checkout, we left a "pillow body" that looked very realistic under the covers of one of the beds.

After we went downstairs and got the car loaded, we noticed the maid was approaching the door to our room. As she unlocked the door and went inside, we could hardly control our laughter as we imagined her in there with the "late sleeper".

Wonder what was going through her mind as she went about her duties noticing the person in the bed was sleeping right through it all? How about when she would have had to finally tried to wake them and there was no response!? Was she brave enough to pull back the covers herself or did she have to go get someone else to do it? ;-)

More Scary Practical Jokes Here!

Scary Gags

Sometimes the best scary pranks are nothing more than a simple gag that'll scare 'em out of their wits. Often, these are gimmicks working on nothing more than the simple "shock" value they offer, but...they work! Some of the simplest gags are still around because they've worked so well over the years.

Here's one of the best scary pranks that'll scare 'em good...the "Joy Buzzer"! I still recall the one I had years ago. Man, did I have fun with that thing! It was especially great at church.

I'd just walk up and say "Hello, Brother so and so" while extending my hand and then BUZZZ!!!! (Of course, it's easier to get away with that at church when you're a But it's also great at office parties and other social functions.

Whether you pull these funny pranks on a new acquaintance or that raving beauty that doesn't seem to know you exist, one thing's for sure...they'll remember you now! ;-)

Here are some more "shock-tacular" gags that'll scare 'em out of their wits!

Scary Optical Illusions

Scary optical illusions make great scary pranks because they are excellent at acquiring and maintaining the viewer's attention to the point that they are completely focused mentally and visually on the computer screen (exactly where you want them to be!).

Here's a great example (opens new window)...

With scary optical illusions, you should try to ensure the audio is already up on your "victim's" computer if you have access to it. Otherwise, you'll just have to hope for the best. Since sound is not supposed to be involved in "optical" illusions, mentioning anything that implies audio is involved may have them wondering if it's "another one of those scary pranks".

Best introductory messages for this one may be something like: "[Name], these optical illusions are unreal! I couldn't see everything I was supposed to, but let me know if you can..."

Share your scary stuff...

Got any great scary pranks you've used on someone or someone used on you? Maybe you've seen a great horror movie or read a great scary story or book you'd like to tell us about? Or perhaps you've had the frightful opportunity to actually visit a scary place or "haunted" Halloween attraction and want to share your experience?

***I regret I've not been able to keep up with the inbox in long time. As some of you know, I've been working on another project which has required all of my time lately, so please don't send emails to this site as I won't be able to respond here. but I will continue to try to keep this site updated occasionally. Perhaps in the future I'll be able to hire someone to check emails, post new content, etc. on a regular basis. If you'd like that to happen, be sure to support the site in whatever way you can - bookmarking to social media sites, buying stuff, etc ! ;-) ***

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