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Creepshow movieWell, fellow fright fans, the latest upcoming horror movie news revolves around a "creepy classic" franchise this time.

Good ol' Creepshow is being revisited once again! First produced in 1982, the previous Creepshow films feature a collection of horror vignettes written by Stephen King. These George Romero directed films are considered cult classics by many. While the original films' stories were completely separate entities, the new Creepshow III will allegedly have some common threads connecting them together.

It's unknown whether Stephen King and George Romero are attached to the new film. Either way, let's hope they do it right and serve up a hefty helping of "creep" to go with our "show"! The official website is looking interesting and reveals that Creepshow III will serve up 5 creepy servings! Check 'em out: Creepshow 3 Official Site [Right-click the link to save your place here.]

I love this classic
Creepshow poster based on the comic book!

I'll no longer be updating this particular page on a regular basis. For the latest in upcoming horror movie news, I recommend you check with a site like that is focused solely on that full-time as things change too fast in that arena for a part-time operator such as myself to keep up! A good site would be UpcomingHorrorMovies.com.

At last check, the following were some of the horror movies slated for 2007 and beyond, but again, I'm unable to keep up with all the release dates as they change so fast. Therefore I don't guarantee the given timeframes are still accurate, but I'll leave these here for now to give you an idea of what to be on the lookout for...

Upcoming Horror Movies in 2007 & Beyond

January 5: Hostel 2

February 16: Ghost Rider Based on the popular comic book.

March 2: Hills Have Eyes 2

May 11: 28 Weeks Later

Anticipated for 2007 Release:

Babysitter Wanted

Day of the Dead

Halloween (directed by Rob Zombie)

Resident Evil: Extinction

Wrong Turn 2

Rumored for a 2008 Release:

Final Destination 4

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