Vintage Halloween!

While I'm a huge fan of modern, "cutting edge" horror (get it?) ;-), I also love the vintage Halloween designs that were fashionable from way back when (though they were much before my time, of course! :-)

And it seemed this past Halloween, a lot of those old retro Halloween styles were making a comeback. Whether it was a jack-o-lantern face design or yard decoration, those older Halloween designs are becoming popular again.

Halloween black cat

So, I'm making this page to be a home for those old vintage Halloween decorations, costumes, props, clipart for Halloween party invitations, old Halloween postcards or ads for sale or trade, whatever...if it's "vintage Halloween", this will be the place for it.

jack o' lantern

sexy witch

Here's some way cool vintage Halloween items up for auction...

I'm done with vintage Halloween stuff. Now take me back to Halloween Ideas!

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