*Sorry, the giveaways have been suspended. *

Unfortunately, I've had to halt the prize giveaways, at least in their present form for the time being. There have been some issues with delivery to the recipient.

I'm leaving this page up for now to explain to anyone who may have heard about the giveaways and, who knows, perhaps in the future I'll find something I want to give away that won't have the same potential for delivery issues. I'm looking into it, but at this point I can't say when (or if) it will happen.

So, for now, if you have something great to contribute to the site, I hope you'll do it just to share even if there is no prospect of winning a prize. If I think your submission is really awesome, I may still email you a personalized Master of Fright certificate. Just be sure you mention in your submission that you want to be considered for one (and include your name how you want it on your certificate) as the certificates require time to customize so I'd rather only make 'em if I know you're going to display 'em. :-)

*Halloween Prize Giveaway details below!*

We have our October 2006 winner!

Congrats to Randall Cooksey! Randall's entry was a collection of fantastic photos of his Insane Zombi-O-Rama! If you haven't checked it out yet, be sure you do over at the Halloween pictures page.

You just might see a familiar face there. Who? Let's just say it's Halloween so you know it's gonna be a thriller night!

[Randall is in the process of choosing his prize. I'll post back here once the details are worked out.]

[Previous winners are listed further down this page.]

It's easy to have a chance to win free stuff on this site! Here's how...

While I'll continue to share my own scary adventures and recommendations, we know it's impossible for one person to check out & report on everything scary on the planet. So, I've created a monthly drawing for fright fans who share good ideas and reviews to the site.

Got a great scare tactic you've used on someone or someone used on you? Maybe you've seen a great horror movie or read a great scary story or book you'd like to tell us about? Or perhaps you've had the frightful opportunity to actually visit a scary place or "haunted" Halloween attraction and want to share your experience? (By the way, be sure to check out Faith Smith's report on her experience at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights 2005!)

Each month I'll select the best submission to receive a special prize! As you can see here on the winner's page, I've already given away a good number of scary movies on DVD, but there's always the possibility of a movie poster, game, or even the official Scared-Out-of-Your-Wits.com mug!

Often times, I'll ask you, the winner, what you want as your prize! Hard to beat that, now isn't it? If you find another horror site that gives away monthly prizes and even lets you pick your own prize, well, I'd really like to see it so forward me the URL (who knows…maybe I'll even try to top them too).

But wait, there's more! (I watched too many Ronco ads ;-)
And this is the most exciting part IMHO…

In addition, the monthly winner will also receive a Master of Fright Certificate

Master of Fright Certificate

and induction into the Fraternal Order of Fright Fans! "Big Deal", you say? Here's the big deal…

Each year on Halloween night, I'm going to draw a name from the membership roster of the Fraternal Order of Fright Fans as winner of the special Halloween Prize Giveaway!

Since this site is still relatively new, there aren't many FOFF members yet, so every monthly winner has a good chance to win!

Between now and Halloween, I'm going to be seeking select sponsors to help me put together this special prize package so who knows yet what all it might include, but I will personally throw in out of my own pocket whatever it takes to ensure the prize package is spooktacular.

Not your ordinary fright site, now is it? ;-)

Ready? Great. To submit your own review or recommendation, go to the page for the appropriate category. Near the bottom of that page, you will find the submission form.

Previous Monthly Winners

September '06: [Winner still being determined...]

August '06: Our May winner, Cody King, has won again! A new DVD of his favorite movie Saw is on the way!

July '06: Prize unclaimed!! :-(

June '06:Congratulations to Jason Waite of Bakersfield, CA who has won a new DVD of a horror movie he's been wanting to see. Which one is it? I think just the puppet in the poster says it all...

34 in. x 36 in.
Buy at AllPosters.com
Framed Mounted

Hey, i got the dvd today. Really great prize!! I have been wanting to see this movie really bad. I am going to watch it tonight!! Thank you very much!! -Jason

May '06: Cody King won a poster of his favorite movie SAW! Check it out:

24 in. x 36 in.
Buy this Poster at AllPosters.com
Framed Mounted

I got my prize today!! It's a pretty cool poster…it looks like the ones they put in the theaters.

Thank you so much for the prize!!,

Sellersburg, IN

April '06: Kellie won The Exorcism of Emily Rose on DVD

Hi, my gift came. Thank you so much, I was so excited when I saw what it was. Thanks again.

Apple Valley, PA

March '06: When I asked James Prince of Milwaukee for some of the favorites he's seen or would like to see, he mentioned Saw II and Wolf Creek so he's got a brand new DVD copy of Wolf Creek on the way!

Just received the movie!!! Thanx alot!! -James

February '06: Prize Unclaimed! (I even drew two alternates and none of them had provided a valid email address apparently).

January '06: Michelle Pitts of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

This was another month where I decided to essentially let the winner pick their own prize. From Michelle's "wish list", she received a brand new, sealed copy of The Fog (2005) on DVD.

The Fog 2005 remake

December '05: Nick Buckley of Lexington, MA

Nick increased his chances of winning by submitting more than one scary movie review (each submission earns an entry). This is the same strategy used by our October winnner, Faith Smith!

I changed things up a bit this time and decided it might be more fun to let the winner pick their own prize! So I asked Nick to jot down some titles of scary movies he'd like to see or favorites he'd already seen and email them back to me. He came up with some great ones! As a result, I'm happy to say that Nick just emailed me confirmation that he's received his new DVD of the Stephen King horror classic Carrie!

I just wanted to let you know I have received my prize! I can't wait to watch the movie, thank you! Keep up the great work with the site! I'll be drifting around leaving reviews and what not any time I get the chance. Thanks again.

Carrie DVD movie

Congrats, Nick and thanks for the great submissions! They'll soon be calling you "Fright Flick Nick!" :-)

November '05: Prize Unclaimed!

October '05: Faith Smith, Williston, FL

Faith has won the official Scared-Out-of-Your-Wits mug PLUS a Horror Classics 50 Movie DVD MegaPack Collection featuring Night of the Living Dead, Nosferatu (Dracula), Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde, The Little Shop of Horrors, Carnival of Souls, and The House on Haunted Hill and many, many more! Over 70 hours of classic horror!

mug win free stuff scared-out-of-your-wits prize drawing mug win free stuff scared-out-of-your-wits prize drawing 50 horror classics megapack dvd movies scared-oout-of-your-wits prize drawing

And last, but not least (and what I personally think is the coolest item of all), Faith has earned her Master of Fright certificate which officially inducts her into the Fraternal Order of Fright Fans! Way to go, Faith!

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